First, the intelligence information

※ Mailing resume and autobiography to us. On the application form, indicating the position of recruitment, contact numbers of the day and night.

※ In another way, submitting recruitment application form by Human Resource Agency.

※ The recruitment Address: No. 4, Shiquan Road, Xiaogang District, Kaohsiung City

※ The recruitment line: 07-8021381, extension 25


Second, the welfare system

Human resources are the most important assets of Hantai. In order to provide a safe, comfortable and convenient working environment, and perfect welfare remuneration and leisure activities, colleagues can achieve balanced development in work, family life and daily leisure. The benefits provided by the company are as follows:

1. Protection from labor insurance, health insurance, employee group insurance and labor pension contributions.
2. Provide year-end, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival bonuses.
3. Organize domestic and foreign employee travel and monthly birthday gifts.
4. According to the company's annual surplus, allocate dividends.
5. Provide various subsidies for employees' weddings, funerals and celebrations.
6. Provide employee and child scholarship application and education fee subsidy.
7. Encourage employees to learn and develop, and provide diversified training activities (certification training, professional training, management training) for free.
8. Regular annual general health checkups.