E.P. Development

1. Environmental Protection

Upon developing the company, Han Tai as well as emphasize the works of environment protection.  

In 1996, Han Tai gathered the waste water disposal plants of Lin Hai, Lin Yuan and Ta Fa in Kaohsiung Industrial Districts in order to dispose the daily unhygienic water into the system of waste water drainage.

In 1998, Han Tai has received a certificate of disposal to the fixed pollution resources by the Kaohsiung City Government. Han Tai not only recycles the waste water produced by the factory but also protects the nature.

2. Environmental issues

1. The reform of the combustion equipment of the heating furnace

In the 100 years of the Republic of China, the heating furnace combustion equipment was put into operation, so that the combustion medium can be used as a dual fuel system of fuel oil or natural gas.

2. Soil remediation project

In order to ensure that the soil in the plant area complies with environmental regulations and determine the groundwater quality is not polluted, the company implemented the soil remediation project in stages and from the Republic of China from 105 to 106 and passed the relevant screening test of the Environmental Protection Agency.