E.P. Efforts

While focusing on operational development, Hantai Company pays equal attention to environmental protection work and does its utmost to maintain natural resources.


1. Incorporate domestic sanitation water into the discharge system of joint sewage treatment plant in Kaohsiung Linhai, Linyuan and Dafa Industrial Zone.

2. Obtained the operation permit for fixed pollution sources in Kaohsiung City.

3. Reuse of production water recycling.

4. Conduct an assessment report on flue detection to understand the discharge of particulate matter, sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides, and self-calculate annual emissions as a reference for production conditions.

5. Use low-pollution fuel gas to replace the original low-sulfur fuel.

6. Greenhouse gas inventory.

7. Implement emission reduction policies, participate in summer power-restriction programs, arrange process de-loading, and save energy.

8. Scheduled to repair the production and reduce the load: the production equipment is shut down for maintenance, reducing the emission of particulate matter, sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides. Reduce emissions by reducing emissions and improving air quality through production processes.